Flesh & Plastic Diptycs

The series Flesh And Plastic (2005-ongoing) explores the commoditization of children in the service of adult driven advertising, the paradoxical relationship of the child as both a consumer of objects and a child-object.

The series Livedolls, , initiated in 2005, illustrates the ambiguity between the real being and its mimetic representation. Models of perfection that simultaneously hide discriminatory, disquieting and perverse shades.

The projects KIDS FOR SALE and IDOLS  (2006-2012) demonstrate how dolls promote the consumption of material goods and also idealized societal roles in accordance with their genre.These images, produced in doll-box format, characterize the sexist patterns of behavior adults can so often employ to manipulate and form a child’s identity.


The facility of replacing what is old and no longer of any use, with a new, esthetical version is a primary lesson of modern society, a phenomenon repeated over and over again to nourish consumerism.


The series Ressurections explores the condition of Resilience: the ability to return to the original form,  after being compressed, bent or stretched… the ability to recover readily from illness or depression.

The project Lost Children (2008-2011) is a reflection on identity through the exploration of Old Master paintings. By appropriating these historical artworks, looking beyond their main subjects & through the means of photography, forgotten or abandoned identities are revealed within these complex paintings.


The photographic series Regards is a central piece of the group project Désordre (2010)

Illusion // Disillusion – Reality // Fantasy Agony // Ecstasy – Order//Disorder

Armed Response

Armed Response (2006- ongoing) is a series of installations and photographs which demonstrate how violence has become an important and banalized role in the world of children. Movies, video games, internet and many toys convey messages that incite war, discrimination, racism, militarism, egoism and cruelty…


A group exhibition of installations on the theme Disorder

Absence or lack of coherence, organization; trouble and/or confusion


Projects in collaboration with other artists, exhibitions and events.

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