The Flesh And Plastic Collection (2005-ongoing) an ongoing project,  has been my vehicle for navigating the intricate and unsettling intersection between natural and manufactured identities since 2005.
As an artist, I am fascinated by the complexities of human perception and the way in which we construct our sense of self.
The images and installations in this collection serve as visual metaphors for the ambiguity and confusion that permeate our understanding of who we are, particularly when confronted with the blurring lines between reality and fiction, living beings and inanimate objects, children and adults, increasingly empowered by social media and marketing. Thrust into a state of doubt, viewers are compelled to confront the complex interplay between human and objective values, as well as the intricacies of corporal representation in contemporary society.
By juxtaposing familiar elements in unexpected ways, I’m challenging viewers to question their own assumptions and confront the inherent contradictions that define our understanding of the self and to thus provoke reflections on the complex nature of identity, particularly in our modern consumer society.

Armed Response

Flesh & Plastic Diptycs

stéréotypes et genres IDOL#03 SUZIE-visual artist photographer Julianne Rose -Christmas Forever installation 2010

Kids For Sale


Diptyc entitled RESURRECTION #7 by visual artist-photographer ©Julianne Rose



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