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Exploration of intersections between natural and manufactured identities

The visual artist photographer, Julianne Rose, explores as much esthetics as ethics, dealing with the issue of identity on an intimate scale. Her imagery investigates the uncomfortable intersections between natural and manufactured identities. Duality/ambiguity, construction/deconstruction order/disorder.

Beauty standards and objective measures have become indicators of personal value in our consumer societies. Many of the artist’s projects question corporal representation in modern society and the often disturbing and dangerous confusion between human and objective values.  Julianne Rose looks at a terrain lacking in contemporary ethics, but which is trying to produce moral values in a world that prefers the illusion of appearance. This skeptical world has confused objects of value for humanity. In projects like Flesh & Plastic and Livedolls the ambiguity between the real being and it’s mimetic representation is illustrated.

In works like Armed Response and Kids For Sale the artist illustrates the fragile intersection where a child’s natural identity can be so easily dominated by an artificial sense of being, created by a modern consumer driven society. 

2 mannequin hands touching


A selection of group exhibitions and projects in collaboration with other artists.

The artist Julianne Rose is represented at 12years old in this self portrait entitled SURVIVE#01 ©JulianneRose


A selection of photographic installations (2006 -today)

Photograph entitled LIVEDOLLS#02 by artist JulianneRose

Livedolls Collections

A catalogue of perfect children or living dolls?

Photograph entitled Marriage of the Virgin extract from the series "Lost Children" by visual artist JulianneRose


Lost Children, Madones

Photographic diptyc entitled FLESH & PLASTIC #04 by visual artist JulianneRose

Flesh & Plastic Collections

The child, both consumer of objects and child-object.

Visual artist Julianne Rose in her studio, France


Projects in the making


Original prints are available for purchase.
Prints include limited editions of divers projects and selected personal images from the creative process collection.

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