A selection of projects in collaboration with other artists.

Les JandJ

Experimental video creations in collaboration with artist, Jeff Manzetti (2010 onwards)

Elections dans L'espace RVB

ELECTIONS DANS L’ESPACE RVB is a group project initiated and directed by Jeff Manzetti. RVB explores the phenomena of voting, throughout 3 consecutive French Presidential elections, and the effect visual media has on our final “choices” as well as the element of group implication.


A group project on chaos and disorder.


ARTIST ANGELS MADAGASCAR is a caritative auction by Christie’s, Paris for the NGO  “Des Villages et des Hommes”

Portrait photograph printed on ancient wooden door for the project Artist Angels for Madagascar auctioned by Christie's in Paris


A performance exploring the life of an artist and the confrontation of an ordinary and an extraordinary existence.

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