These Regards which evoke a reflexion beyond material representation, are key pieces in the group project Désordre. The artist projects our senses into a chaotic confusion, deconstructing familiar defense systems which preserve a constant sentiment of certitude and therefore security in individuals. The visages in the project REGARDS continue to confront the viewer with a constant doubt. The beautiful & eerie gazes are ambiguous. Are we looking at them or are we in fact the ones being observed ? Are they alive-inert ? illusions or disillusions ? menacing–menaced ? defeated-victorious? Accusations or interrogations ? vulnerable infants or dubious adults. These portraits aim to destabilize our senses, provoking an uncomfortable perception of the intersection between what we believe is reality and hence what we assume is imagination. Beauty & esthetic perfection are inevitably attractive and irresistible while the mysterious and unexplored dimensions of our existence are often terrifying.

Editions of 8.

Consult available editions and  technical details.