Work in progress

The Nature of all Things

Intrication of mankind and nature. Exploring the surreal energy between man and nature, The Nature of All Things aims to challenge the conventional perception of humans and nature as separate entities.
Exploring the singular question of form, this project blurs the boundaries between humans and their natural environment, challenging the notion of their separation.
It delves into the interconnectedness between humanity and our natural world, probing the intricate shapes and structures that define both.

Reminding us that all elements, including humans, are inherently part of nature, “The Nature of All Things” emphasizes the profound impact of identity on our perception and interaction with the environment. Confronting us with both our power over nature and our responsibility towards it, this project aims to encourage us to urgently reconsider our relationship with the environment and to recognize and protect the beauty in our shared existence. If nature were to take on human forms, would we continue to treat it with such indifference ?

Mannequin legs in a forest. Series entitled The nature of all things by artist Julianne Rose
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