The series EXPIRED deconstructs the implcit post-Barbie rational, which inevitably becomes an inflatable living doll to be consumed by men. The artist deflates and vacuum packs dolls whose destiny she plots between two dates: the date of their manufacture and the date on which they were lost, abandoned, damaged, exchanged or mutilated. Jean-Pierre Klein, editorial director Art & Thérapie

CHRISTMAS FOREVER...a metaphor for human ethics in contemporary society.

“I remember my favorite doll being burnt in a house fire when I was 8.

My parents consoled me, promising to replace her with a new, much prettier doll in perfect condition. “


noun [ U ]
the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress

Despite the title EXPIRED, these plastic-wrapped figurines do not constitute a cemetery. The artist offers them the rose of life, or rather of survival. We are talking about resurrection here.They are tested in a rite of passage, no longer sacrificing to aesthetic but revealing the power of symbolic re-creation. The void reveals a vacuousness open to possible identities. Jean-Pierre Klein, editorial director Art & Thérapie


noun [ U ] A rising again; the resumption of vigor

Resurrection Diptycs


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