The Flesh & Blood Toystore

The Flesh & Blood Toystore

Exhibition entitled The Flesh & Blood Toystore exhibition gallerie 13Sevigné Paris-©JulianneRose

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Julianne Rose’s first exhibition (The Flesh and Blood Toystore) is a solo show at the gallery 13Sevigné in Paris 2006.

Discovering these photographic dyptics, I question: And what of the flesh and blood, the bones, the skin, the body? Is there nothing left in our society but the external vision of a molded body, the body as object, passing gradually from Barbie to Bimbo? extract from The Flesh & Blood Toystore catalogue by Jean-Pierre Klein, director of Art & Thérapie

Exposition The Flesh & Blood Toystore, Galerie 13Sevigné Paris, 2006.

Palais de Tokyo

A short time after the opening of my first exhibition, a curator at Palais de Tokyo invited me to show my project Livedolls in Ultra Peau, a group show opening at the Parisian museum that same summer. These two events launched me into a new direction, my work entered into private and public collections and I began participating in diverse international art fairs, art events, galleries and museum exhibitions internationally.

FLESH-AND-PLASTIC-04-JulianneRose-visual-artist-photographer ©JulianneRose

The Flesh & Plastic Collection – a central aspect in my work.

I don’t necessarily feel the need to finish a project before beginning another. I often switch from one to another. Sometimes I just need to clear my head and step back from a subject to let it “marinate”.  I particularly enjoy revisiting certain themes (like Flesh & Plastic) as old friends, or occasionally even enemies. This form of interrogation is an opportunity to pose a fresh regard on my work. As an artist I can become over obsessed with a project or a particular subject, so meditation and mastering this obsession nature is a fondamental step in my creative process. I’ve found that such retrospection can even be the spark of a new fire… 

                                                                                                                                              Julianne Rose

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