All hands on deck!

Behind the scenes of an art show


behind the scenes exhibition Julianne Rose Paris         preparations Singing Autoportrait-©Julianne rose                    behind the scenes exhibition Julianne Rose Miami

Behind every exhibition or art event, there is a multitude of collaborators who make it all possible. Both artists and galleries would agree that , exciting as it all may be, hanging a show can also be a potential headache!

A gallery space is a blank page, waiting to be filled with the artist’s vision.

Artists have a vision of what they want to communicate, how their work should be presented but translating that vision to others can be complicated. Thats where the exhibition production team is so very important. The team accompanying an artist can make or break the show.

I’ve worked with many amazing people who’s contributions behind the scenes are often underestimated. This is even more noticeable once the preparations are over and the spotlights are all focused on the final result. It’s easy to forget the long hours, weeks or months of preparations and all the endless small jobs, without which the show can’t go on.

Team work is an essential key to a successful exhibition.

Exhibition preparations are very exciting but also ultra stressful.

Apart from physically hanging all the pieces, there’s always a tonne of production work to be done for an exhibition. Press communications, invitations, social media posts, catalogues, public relations, newsletters, catering etc etc. No matter how much time there is to prepare a show and how many hands are on deck, it never seems enough and the tension inevitably mounts right up to the opening date, a real rollercoaster of emotions, which luckily tend to fade once the gallery space fills, the champagne flows and the artwork takes the stage!

Perhaps all the stress and excitement, the insatisfaction, frustration and strive for perfection are simply essential aspects of the artistic process?




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