La Marianne-photographie par artist Julianne Rose for Elections dans l'Espace RVB 2017
The Marianne 2012
La Marianne-sculpture-photographie par artist Julianne Rose for Elections dans l'Espace RVB 2017
The Marianne 2017


She illustrates a subtle ambiguity,

woman and child at the same time,

courageous and fragile,

revolutionary and nurturing,

protectrice and warrior,

damaged but resilient.

She symbolises feminine strength and emancipation.

She is a goddess of freedom.

For a native Australian artist , born in in Queensland (the land of the Queen of England), and who arrived in France 25 years ago, the figure of Marianne remains fascinating.

At the heart of the question of representation and at the intersection of artistic and political fields, this alternative proposition of the iconic french MARIANNE proposed to the spectator-voters, accompanies Jeff Manzetti’s experimental approach.

Taking advantage of the state of deconditioning into which the exhibition plunges the observer, The Marianne by Julianne Rose, invests the paradoxical line of oppositions : living eyes in a plaster face, 220 years of history in the guise of a young girl…

As if, with her head held high and gaze straight ahead, her strength is seemingly drawn from the very source of the French Revolution, an allegory no longer there to reassure us at all costs.

In these turbulent times, there are such human frailties which art must seize upon.

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