catalogue of perfect children or living dolls?

A disturbing smooth perfection of  plastic children is at first glance intriguing. The glassy eyes of these human toys staring eerily ahead demand attention. Catalogue of children or living dolls? Are these ideal angels , so immaculately flawless , a childhood dream of adults, obsessed with perfection, a principal of precaution or botox?  Exposition“UltraPeau” Palais de Tokyo    

Livedolls-perfect children or living dolls? Photograph by visual artist Juliane Rose entitled Livedolls.N°2

The doll is no longer that cloth effigy into which we poured our dreams and our nightmares, our ideals and our hidden faces. Rather, a miniature counterfeit of woman, object of fascination and desire, employing seduction to sell.  LIVEDOLLS is a series of childlike faces, models of perfection that simultaneously hide discriminatory, disquieting and perverse shades. Are these visions extracts from a catalogue of perfect children to order or are they living dolls?    catalogue Ultra Peau, Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2006


verb [ V ] continue to live or exist in spite of an accident or ordeal.

Survive #01  - autoportrait at 12yrs old.


This series primarily explores identity, the identities resulting from a trauma or major event in individual lives, particularly the childhood period when the influence of others (parents, siblings, friends, education…) determine greatly the transition into adulthood and the uncomfortable fissure between natural and manufactured identities. An accident caused me to lose most sight in one eye. When I later realized I saw the world differently to most people, I decided to become a photographer , to materialize and share some of my visions.