Armed Response is an evolutive project consisting of an army of antique shop mannequins, exploring through divers installations, a terrain lacking in contemporary ethics, a world that has chosen the illusion of appearance, a world in which children are manipulated by marketing where games are inevitably confused with reality. This project demonstrates how violence, in many aspects, has become a important and banalized role in the world of many children. Movies, video games, internet and many toys convey messages that incite violence, war, discrimination, racisme, egoism and cruelty. This body of work employs only toys and dolls available to a non restricted public.


Armed Response#01- Gallery 13Sevigné, Paris


The artist, Julianne Rose, reclaims dolls to illustrate a vision of legitimate self-defense and retaliation, a violent reaction evolving from a state of massacred innocence to counter-violence, weapons in hand. Jean-Pierre Klein – magazine Art et Thérapie

Action Beats Reaction

The revolt of a formatted generation.

The Armed Response installations explore a terrain lacking in contemporary ethics, trying to produce moral values in a world that has chosen the illusion of appearance, a skeptical world that has confused objects of value for humanity. Modern society furnishes a diversity of violent and destructive armory to youth. However these little soldiers possess the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons …..time. Armed Response  HardcoreArt Contemporary Space, Miami



My son is 11 years old. he has the face of an angel and is top of the class at school.   But at home he plays…




On the game box is written:” they thought your were dead but Tony Montana doesn’t die so easily.  Live the turbulent life of the infamous cuban drug lord who redefined the American dream……wheel, deal and climb your way to the top ! First money, then power, then revenge !     Beat down, blow away and run over your enemies with style and flair. Insult, intimidate and impress.  Bury those cock-a-roaches in Blind Rage Tony Montana mode! 

    Experience the lavish lifestyle of a ruthless crime boss and hire henchmen to do your dirty work. The open world of Miami and the islands is yours……No load times, no limits “

         Jeanette Mariani curator @ hardcore Contemporary art, Art Basel, Miami

ARMED RESPONSE CATALOGUE by artist Julianne Rose

Julianne Rose’s Armed Response, shows with aesthetical shock, innocence and perversity, the violence imposed on our children in this modern consumer world. Life-size mannequins in diverse installations, scenes brandishing dolls representing different races, toy weapons in dramatic mise en scenes, which mimic many children perhaps at this very moment moving buttons of video games in order to detonate bombs or inflict atrocious torture on imaginary hostages or peers. This body of work reminds that children of today are the adults of the future.