The World Survival Tour 1966-2006


This piece is a comment on the artist’s experience as the winner of Australia’s ‘Face of the Year’ pageant in 1985. In this installation Julianne Rose takes an ironic look at the beauty industry and creates a comparison between manufactured and human dolls, questioning the dogmatic standards assigned to “feminism”, a principle of resistance facing socio-cultural institutions too often avid to admit individuals to pre-established compartments.  Extract from text by Anna Holtzman- Eyemazing Magazine 

I Will Survive

A lifesize triptych consisting of photography, lights and sound, taking on the form of a musician’s flycase sitting on a tripod, the artist’s head imposed onto the body of a plastic, lifeless barbie, universal symbol of the simultaneous and sexualisation and dehumanisation of young women. Julianne wears a robot-like expression and her face is painted with doll-style makeup –pink blush, garish blue eye shadow and the kind of overdone red lips that a child would put on with her mother’s lipstick. The result is something out of a Tim Burton film –the beauty Queen who is not quite alive, yet not totally dead either. She appears soulless and cold. In the place of her heart an oversized plastic speaker, and one nipple has been transformed into a mechanical button that, when pressed, sets off a version of I Will Survive through the speaker, flashing disco lights from both of the flanking portraits, while the crown on the central portrait sparkles.

Extract from an article by Anna Holtzman –Eyemazing magazine.

“An autoportrait is inevitably an act of exhibitionism. It is also the humility of showing one’s self and accepting critics or encouragements from a public not necessarily intimate” Julianne Rose,France Inter

Art Installation -Music, photography, lights, Musician'sFly Case
Art Installation including music, photography, lights, musician's Fly Case. entitled Singing Autoportrait- ©JulianneRose

Installation “Music Flycase” Autoportrait photo, sound, lights 100x141x25cm on a tripod. H 2m

Art Installation -Music, photography, lights, Musician'sFly Case
Singing Autoportrait- ©Julianne Rose