The series EXPIRED deconstructs the implcit post-Barbie rational, which inevitably becomes an inflatable living doll to be consumed by men. The artist deflates and vacuum packs dolls whose destiny she plots between two dates: the date of their manufacture and the date on which they were lost, abandoned, damaged, exchanged or mutilated. Jean-Pierre Klein, editorial director Art & Thérapie

CHRISTMAS FOREVER...a metaphor for human ethics in contemporary society.

“I remember my favorite doll being burnt in a house fire when I was 8.

My parents consoled me, promising to replace her with a new, much prettier doll in perfect condition. “


noun [ U ]
the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress

Despite the title EXPIRED, these plastic-wrapped figurines do not constitute a cemetery. The artist offers them the rose of life, or rather of survival. We are talking about resurrection here.They are tested in a rite of passage, no longer sacrificing to aesthetic but revealing the power of symbolic re-creation. The void reveals a vacuousness open to possible identities. Jean-Pierre Klein, editorial director Art & Thérapie


noun [ U ] A rising again; the resumption of vigor

Resurrection Diptycs

The series RESURRECTIONS is about “Resilience” These diptychs are a visual journey through adversity, celebrating the power to endure, adapt, and emerge stronger from hardship, reminding us of our innate capacity for growth and transformation. Through vibrant imagery and emotive symbolism, this project invites viewers to reflect on their own resilience and find inspiration in the beauty of resilience’s triumph.